Lightboxes are perfect for so many signage applications such as retail point of sale, corporate signage, street signage, nightclubs, bars and restaurant menu boards and signage, plus promotional displays, exhibitions and trade shows. 


Illuminated window displays are an amazing way to promote your products and double-sided light boxes in shop windows or high traffic areas enable stunning graphics both inside and outside the store. Freestanding illuminated displays are another way to use this medium and give a lovely counterpoint to different areas within a store or large space. Most retail environments are full of competition for your customers attention and Illuminated displays provide a level of pop that can help attract the attention for your products and increase the footfall within your store. 


Street light boxes and fabricated letters are a great way to help your customers locate a store, they convey a sense of permanence and authenticity as well as show casing your branding.


Fabric Light Boxes utilise the combination of illumination with the lovely texture and colour of fabrics - this is a great way to engage your customer's eye. Market research has shown that illuminated signage attracts higher customer attention and a significant increase in sales.


There are other illuminated kinds of signage such as neon which whilst always popular has lately been making a resurgence. There is also neon replacement signage that is made from LED light strips but looks very similar. We have always been involved in the creation of different and spectacular pieces for our clients so please give us a call if you've got some crazy but exciting ideas.




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