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How to generate more listings and stand out from the competition?



Hocking Stuart operates within an incredibly competitive environment throughout all areas of Victoria. The challenge was to ensure their visual messaging reinforced their brand position as a market leader and innovator. Hocking Stuart wanted a fresh approach to window-display, one that showed more than just properties for sale. They wanted to showcase their team, their auctions and the technology they use that sets them apart from other companies.




Same Page Digital offered a unique & cutting edge technology in both cloud-based content management and video wall screens; allowing greater flexibility in managing and rotating content from anywhere. This a state of the art video wall fits the brief as well as providing eye-catching engagement to passers-by. Utilising a modern and crisp office design has brought a higher level of sophistication to their street presence and their clients benefit from the premium exposure.




Samantha Choyce said this: “We are constantly complimented on our display from people who walk into our office. Every appraisal we go into, we mention that the property visa will feature on our window display screen. Vendors all say ‘Oh yes we have seen it from Centre Road!’ 


“The team at Same Page Digital have been brilliant from product to service!

I have been happily recommending them to everyone in our network and beyond.”


Samantha Choyce - Ops Manager Bentleigh