Fabric Printing

Fabric printing, fabric displays, fabric frames, wide format fabrics, fabric banners
Signage Products - Fabric printing, fabric displays, fabric frames, wide format fabrics, fabric banners

Lovely texture and feel

Fabric frame systems are popular in retail environments because they display graphics and imagery with stunning colours and sharp appealing definition that has the right feel for a shopping environment. Most frames are almost edgeless so there is nothing to distract from the graphic and because the fabric is stretched into the frame it looks sharp and immaculate.


Changeovers are easy

Changing fabrics into and out of the framing system is a very basic process that can be completed by anyone, once you get the process it’s easy. The edge of the fabric has a sewn silicone bead that fits into a channel on the frame and is un-viewable once it has been installed.


Brilliant for any size

Fabric is lightweight and durable and can be folded into a small size for shipping and storage unlike traditional large format media and substrates. This flexibility means it can be used for very large applications; some of our client have images as large as 5 meters wide! You can also tile the images because of the incredibly small edge so there are no limits to the sizing, shaping or functions. From a cost perspective fabrics greatest feature is the ability to be shipped at very low cost for large displays.



Fabric frames can be tailored to any size, situation and shape - imagine creating circles or overlapping squares. The applications include single or double-sided, backlit illumination, wall-mounted and free-standing. The aluminium framing systems can also be made in a wide range of colours and finishes.


All applications

Fabric frame systems are being used by many of our customers including Bardot, Gazman, 2XU, Sabco - we also have clients in the building industry and personal home users. Because of their versatility they are particularly popular for companies setting up and packing down at expos. Take a closer look on your next retail outing and you will see them everywhere!