How to utilise signage to build brand awareness?



In order to reposition the club and boost membership, The Western Bulldogs invested heavily in a rebranding strategy. This motivated the marketing team to revamp and create a new look for all brand touch points within their home-ground – an overhaul executed by Same Page Digital. However, the club wanted to optimize their spend by ensuring that where possible (and at minimal cost) the new look was communicated beyond the stadium.




Without employing any external media spend Same Page Digital created a range of signage communications that spoke to an audience at the offices and stadium. The centrepiece of this was a stunning window decal covering approximately 60 square metres.  The decal, created from opaque materials, allowed light through into the building while providing the external audience with a clear picture of the new Doggies brand logo.  Design and installation of the piece were complex, with the decal being installed over 20 separate panes of glass.  This centrepiece was then supported with a range of smaller tactical signs installed at key points outside the building.




The fresh new Doggies brand logo can be seen and understood from up to 100 metres away from the building providing the Club with the ability to effectively communicate the change to those outside the arena. There is no ongoing media cost for the Club from this signage and the Club is confident that it will assist in its repositioning and will inevitably play its part in boosting club membership.