Digital Media: Sign of the times

Digital signage is a wonderfully creative platform, providing users with an engaging and flexible way to broadcast brand communications.


High quality LED digital screens and video walls display focused advertising and promotions in the form of video and slideshows to engage your audience in real time.


Our software enables you to manage and schedule content from any remote location. You can display to a single screen or across a network of digital signage displays. Imagine driving a sale instantly across all your stores; perhaps a specific lunch time promotion or communicate specific messages to your staff across isolated locations.


We have information based online tools that allow you to monitor footfall within your store and connect this to real-time sales data. Evaluating the immediate impact of your communications and promotions enables you to increase sales and ROI on your marketing investment.


Digital based information media is positively the sign of the times!


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  • Real-time digital signage controlled remotely by our cloud-based content management software.

  • Video walls, high-resolution digital signage screens and high brightness LED solutions for external and internal applications.

  • Foot Fall Counters and Heat Maps for retail environments

  • Touch screens for click and collect functionality

  • WIFI enabled systems for customers and for connecting all digital signage

  • In-store testing of promo messaging

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In store monitoring toolbox

We have a number of exciting new technologies that we can use to help measure the performance of your retail communications.

Ask us how we can help you discover which half of your comms spend is working.

  • Heatmaps

  • Store traffic flow

  • Walk-in Analysis

  • Foot-fall traffic monitoring

ROI on marketing investment

_ get real time analytics on your comms spend

_ dashboard style analytics that link to your sales data

_ metrics and measures that can flag drops in sales or traffic

_ flexibility to communicate real time sale and promotional messages

_ drive traffic from the store to your website

_ increase loyalty programs and cross marketing sales



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