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Philips U-Line, P-line & D-Line Displays and Video Walls

Amaze your guests and customers with the latest in display technology, includes integrated WiFi with the Android operating system - our custom built software connects to these displays without having to install a media player. Super fast, accurate and modern technology perfect for retail environments.


Below are some of the sizes available including links to the relevant technical pages...


84" Display - BDL8470QU/00approx 1910 x 1100mm

75" Display - 75BDL3000U/00approx 1670 x 955mm


65" Display - 65BDL4050D/00approx 1450 x 830mm


55" Display - 55BDL4050D/00approx 1230 x 710mmmm


55" Display - 55BDL5057P/00 (24/7 inc 700cd/m2)approx 1230 x 700mm

49" Display - 49BDL5057P/00 (24/7 inc 700cd/m2) - approx 1100 x 630mm