How to reduce the cost of seasonal campaign signage while improving the retail experiences?



In the world of fast fashion it is important to be constantly refreshing the look of the retail environment to ensure customers are engaged to gain continued footfall. Fast fashion house Bardot invests significantly in the creation of campaign and seasonal imagery but was hampered by the costs and practicalities of its installation and refresh in the retail stores. The brand faced significant costs in terms of printing, safe handling and installation.




Same Page Digital proposed a system of fabric printing which enabled the brand to move the printed material in a more cost effective and less physically damaging manner. The system also provided the brand with an easy way to install and refresh the imagery. In effect the brand was able to enjoy significant cost benefits by standardising much of its signage and moving signage from store to store on a regular basis.




Using the same quantity of seasonal imagery Bardot can now change the look of its stores more frequently ensuring that it remains aligned to the notion of fast fashion. In addition signage wastage has been dramatically reduced and signage freight costs have also been reduced, even with the additional movements of signage between stores within the season. Changing the imagery no longer requires the employment of specialist installers with the easy to use fabric frames.