How to generate fresh and compelling creative?



The Athlete’s Foot operates 140 retail stores occupying some 46 million square feet throughout Australia. The challenge for the brand was to ensure that visual messaging within these sites both reinforced the brand’s position whilst engaging customers with fresh and compelling content. The Athlete’s Foot sought to create a new and flexible visual template for the stores to achieve both sales and positioning objectives.




Under the watchful eye of their Creative Director, Same Page Digital have created and developed exciting new campaigns for the brand around both products and offers. Givng them access to our team of design professionals has ensured stunning creative solutions and executions that engage with the consumer and the store teams, while continuing to build the brand’s position in the market. The full service aspect of Same Page Digital from creative development through to manufacture and installation has ensured the messaging is fresh and engaging.




The client reports increased foot traffic through all the stores. This growth has been associated with the new creative being employed by the brand. Anecdotally, The Athlete’s Foot is appearing to be saying more by utilising creative that is new and engaging. In turn the store teams are excited about the new-look creative and are themselves more engaged with the store and their brand as a whole.